Overthewire write Up bandit level 3 to 4

This is a write-up for the Over The Wire wargame Bandit level 3 to level 4

Level Goal

The password for the next level is stored in a hidden file in the inhere directory.

The hostname is bandit.labs.overthewire.org

User: bandit3

password: UmHadQclWmgdLOKQ3YNgjWxGoRMb5luK

Commands used for this level:

ls -a - List information about all the file’s include hidden files that start with (.).

cd - change directory

cat - used to view contents of a file.

Step 1. After logging in type ls You will see a directory named inhere (you can tell it’s a directory instead of a file because it is a different color).

Step 2. Change directory to inhere by typing cd inhere

Step 3. Now in the /home/bandit3/inhere directory go ahead and type ls. Nothing will be displayed because the file we are looking for is hidden by placing a . in front of the file name. Placing a period as the first character of a file name is how you hide files in Linux. We need to use ls -a , the dash a means display all files including hidden files. We will now see the .hidden file. Type cat .hidden and the password for level 4 is displayed.